Our Team

Our staff is full of highly trained instructors, and factory trained certified solar technicians. We have been serving Chicago and the surrounding area’s with professionals training.

Christopher Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Christopher W. Williams a third generation electrician who was one of the few Photovoltaic Technicians in the far South Suburbs and the Chicago land area in the early 2000’s. Trained by Wendell Williams of Reliable Electric his father at an early age, Christopher and his brothers helped to establish a successful family owned Electrical Contractor Business in the early 1990‘s. He apprenticed with his father and family throughout his teenage years learning priceless lessons. This experience led him to further his education and joined IBEW for a short time allowing him to work on bigger projects and developments during the housing and commercial boom of the late 1990’s.

In the year 2000 Christopher branched out on his own obtained his Electrical Licensed and started his own Electrical business. Millennium Solar Electric was incorporated in 2010

Millennium Solar Electric Training Academy was founded by Christopher in 2017 and took flight in 2018 under the FEIA Workforce Development Program. Aim to train low-income student including ex-offenders, minorities, current and former-foster children, women and veterans, living in and around environmental justice community in solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for solar employment generated by the future energy jobs act FEIA.

Email me: millenniumsolar@icloud.com

Johnny Nunez

Photovoltaic Instructor

John Nunez is born and raised in the Southside of Chicago, graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a bachelors in Community Health in 2009.  I was a healthcare professional for about 6 years till I was laid-off.  With the extra I time I had to opportunity to really think about my career and what I wanted to do moving forward.  During this time, I decided to visit my hometown in Puerto Rico right after Hurricane Maria.  After seeing the devastation, it caused the island and watching my people still struggle for necessities like having no power still 6+ months later. I knew I wanted to try and help make a difference.  Still struggling to find my path during my stay in Puerto Rico I read about the great work AKON was doing with Solar Energy providing energy power to millions of people in Africa piquing my interest in that career.  After speaking to a best friend about my goals and interest in the solar field he presented me with a blessing of an opportunity to join the first ever FEJA (Future Energy Job Act) solar training program that was given by MSETA and partners in 2017. The FEJA training was a 12-week program I earned my NCCER Solar PV certifications along with the NABCEP PV Associate certification. The industry most prestige solar certification. Since graduating my focus has been dedicated to renewable energies, I was able to obtain employment from Millennium Solar Electric Inc., the founding company of MSETA. I was able to begin work on a project with the Chicago House Authority (CHA) installing over 750,000 DC kWh.  Starting off as an installer then was able to obtain a lead solar position prior to the completion of the solar project, promoted to assistant instructor for the Millennium Solar Training Academy and now helps manage MSE-TA daily operations.

Email me: john.a.nunez@gmail.com

Training Staff

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